New Cross-Chain Meme Coin Base Dawgz Launches Presale & Raises $750K in First Week

A new meme coin has just launched – and investors are already going wild for it.

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) has stormed out of the gate and raised over $750,000 in the first week of its presale going live.

But can this cross-chain meme coin maintain this bullish momentum until it goes live on DEXs?

Base Dawgz Launches Into Explosive Base Chain Meme Coins Space

Meme coins have had an explosive 2024 so far, but one specific niche is capturing retail investors’ attention – Base chain meme coins.

Built on Coinbase’s high-speed Base network, these coins have been attracting major liquidity.

With low gas fees, Ethereum compatibility, and a growing $2.6 billion market cap, it’s no wonder investors have been flocking to the Base chain meme coin ecosystem.

Two of the most successful Base meme coins so far are BRETT and TOSHI.

These coins produced big gains for early investors and now have a combined market cap of almost $1.9 billion.

Their exponential rallies highlight just what’s possible in this space – and Base Dawgz’s team hopes to emulate that level of growth.

While DAWGZ’s primary chain will be Base, the token is designed to operate on multiple blockchain networks.

DAWGZ holders can transfer their tokens between Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and more.

So, while other meme coins are confined to just one chain, Base Dawgz is positioning itself as a cross-chain token.

DAWGZ Presale Fever as Investors Flock to Cross-Chain Meme Coin

Base Dawgz’s presale has been an instant hit with investors.

In just seven days, investors have already contributed over $750,000 to the multi-chain coin’s crowdfunding event.

And it’s easy to see why.

Base Dawgz’s team has gamified the presale by using a stage-based structure where the DAWGZ price increases every few days.

At the current $0.000479 price point, early buyers are getting in on the ground floor.

Investors can use ETH, BNB, AVAX, or SOL for maximum accessibility.

It’s all part of the development team’s vision to make its meme coin as decentralized (and borderless) as possible.

As outlined in Base Dawgz’s whitepaper, a full 20% of the token supply has been set aside to provide liquidity for the planned DEX listings once the presale ends.

Another 20% will be used for staking rewards – although specific details about how this rewards program will work haven’t yet been revealed.

Of course, no meme coin would be complete without a marketing budget.

The development team has obliged by setting aside 15% of the supply to promote DAWGZ once it hits the open market.

Share-to-Earn Model Drives Viral Growth for Base Dawgz

While Base Dawgz’s cross-chain capabilities and presale are generating plenty of buzz, it’s the project’s “Share-to-Earn” marketing scheme that could lead to explosive potential.

The concept is simple – Base Dawgz is incentivizing its community to share and promote the project on social media.

By creating content like memes or videos, community members can earn points that are redeemable for DAWGZ once the presale wraps.

It’s a growth strategy that taps into the same viral energy that powered previous meme coin pumps like PEPE.

Except this time, Base Dawgz is giving meme creators a direct financial incentive.

So, as more users join and create shareable content, the DAWGZ brand becomes more widely recognized.

And as the token value rises, it encourages even more community members to actively promote the project.

That innovative strategy is already paying dividends.

Base Dawgz’s Twitter is closing in on 2,400 followers barely a week after launching, while its Telegram channel has grown to almost 800 members.

Prominent crypto YouTubers have taken notice of Base Dawgz, too.

Matthew Perry outright speculated that it could become “the next BRETT coin” in a recent video.

Meanwhile, influential Twitter personality @Darke, with over 66,000 followers, has given the project a ringing endorsement.

With this level of early hype, it’s clear that Base Dawgz’s approach is resonating with investors – making it a meme coin to watch in the weeks ahead.

Visit Base Dawgz Presale

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