About Us

India's First Registered Web-3 Marketing & PR Company.

Ecoopex,the mother company for Cryptochina solutions and others, we’re not just another marketing and PR agency – we’re pioneers in the dynamic world of blockchain and Web3. Our journey began with a vision to bridge the gap between innovative blockchain projects and their audiences. As the first registered Web-3 marketing and PR agency in India, we are committed to transforming the way blockchain and cryptocurrency projects connect with the world.

Why Choose Ecoopex?


Our team comprises professionals who are well-versed in blockchain technology, marketing, and PR, ensuring you receive top-notch services.

Tailored Solutions

No two projects are the same. We design customized strategies to address your unique goals and challenges.

Proven Track Record

Our success stories are a testament to our dedication and results-driven approach.

Industry Pioneer

As India's first registered Web-3 marketing and PR agency, we're committed to pushing boundaries and setting new standards.

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Our Unique Approach

Our team of seasoned experts brings a fresh and comprehensive perspective to blockchain marketing and PR. We understand that the blockchain landscape is ever-evolving, and that’s why we’ve embraced a unique approach that combines creativity, innovation, and industry insights. With a focus on delivering exceptional results, we tailor our strategies to meet the specific needs of each project, ensuring maximum visibility, engagement, and growth.