ChatGPT Analyzes if Brett (BRETT) Can Flip Pepe (PEPE) in 2024


  • BRETT, a frog-themed meme coin, has surged nearly 400% in the past month, reaching a market cap of $1.7 billion.
  • Analysts and ChatGPT believe it could surpass PEPE if current trends continue.

BRETT’s Chances

The cryptocurrency market jumped in the middle of the week, with the meme coin sector significantly contributing to that uptrend. Numerous assets of that type are well in the green on a seven-day scale, while the cohort’s market capitalization neared the $70 billion mark before it dropped to $61 billion after the Friday crash.

One such token that has become crypto’s rock star in the past few weeks is the frog-themed Brett (BRETT). Its value is up almost 400% on a monthly basis, recently reaching an all-time high of $0.17 (per CoinGecko’s data).

BRETT Price, Source: CoinGecko

BRETT’s market cap surged to a whopping $1.7 billion, making it the 69th-largest cryptocurrency and the seventh-largest in its realm. As such, we asked ChatGPT whether its uptick will continue in the near future and if it can surpass the leading frog-themed meme coin Pepe (PEPE).

The popular AI-powered chatbot estimated that a flippening is possible, assuming certain factors are in place. It noted that BRETT is the top meme coin of the Base chain, which is supported by the crypto exchange Coinbase. 

“BRETT’s association with the Base chain and its growing community support make it a strong contender to flip PEPE, especially in a bullish market scenario,” ChatGPT added.

The chatbot predicted a further price increase for the meme coin should it gain additional support from exchanges. KuCoin, Bitget, BitMart, and Uphold are some of the companies that have already allowed trading services with BRETT.

One analyst who believes that a Binance listing is in the cards is the X user Mac. In their view, the largest crypto exchange could jump on the bandwagon if BRETT’s trading volume keeps up its levels.

Despite its impressive performance, the asset’s market capitalization is still far from the one of its rival. PEPE’s market cap briefly pumped above $7 billion at the end of May before retracing to its current level of approximately $5.1 billion.

Is $1 Incoming?

BRETT’s spike caught the eye of numerous analysts, some of whom think the bull run is far from over. Crypto Rover, a popular X user with over 700,000 followers, claimed the uptrend “will not stop anytime soon,” envisioning $1 as the next price target.

Crash was bullish, too, reminding about PEPE’s market cap ascent from $300 million to over $7 billion. “Now watch BRETT do it,” they argued.

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